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Mass incarceration is a major national crisis. An estimated 35,000 people are released from California's prisons each year. Of the more than 368,000 people booked into jails annually, most are released within a few months. The majority of these people are without knowledge and access to the tools to help them transition successfully back into society. 

The Araminta Ross Foundation offers incarcerated individuals with six months or less left on their sentence the guidance and support that is needed to explore their histories of trauma, take responsibility for offending behavior, and offer evidence-based skills associated with reduced recidivism and greater levels of self-management. Using a proven combination of education modules, mindfulness-based techniques, and dialectical behavior therapy, along with continued support once released, we provide the tools needed for successful re-entry and re-acclimation.

"Certainly, by providing individuals coming out of institutions with ways to become productive citizens, we reduce recidivism. What that means is we reduce crime. There are fewer victims when individuals have options - when they have job skills, when they have life skills, we break the cycle of children following their parents into institutions."

- Loretta Lynch, Former United States Attorney General

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Araminta Ross Foundation is committed to reducing recidivism and redefining our nation’s prisons as places for development, coaching, and positive growth. We provide incarcerated individuals with a path to behavioral change, dignity, and the resources needed for successful re-entry into the community. 


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